7 Amazing Upcycled and Repurposed Pianos!

Hey guys!  Here is a fun little piece I thought I’d throw out to to keep things light and fun.

I know that us studious, loving piano players/learners – especially those working through the Piano In A Flash online piano lessons – like to use their pianos in the way the craftsmen intended for them to be used, however, some clever people out there have found some pretty fun ways to give old pianos new life.  I can’t get over their creativity! 

Check out these 7 incredible upcycled and repurposed pianos!

Piano Aquarium

upcycled and repurposed piano: Piano Aquarium

Of course I had to start out with the best!  This is so unique and such a fun idea.


Piano Coffee Table

upcycled and repurposed pianos: piano coffee table

A clean but fun addition to any room.  Simple on the outside, with all the beautiful complexity of the keys and hammers on the inside.


Piano Desk

upcycled and repurposed pianos: Piano Desk

I want this as my new desk!


Piano Garden

upcycled and repurposed pianos: Piano Garden

One of the simplest but most fun.  A great home for your favorite plants and a great way to give an old piano a new life.


Piano Shelf

upcycled and repurposed pianos: Piano Shelf

Now this one I can’t get over.  It would be a great place to store your Piano In A Flash Course Books and Gig Books =)


Piano Wine Rack

upcycled and repurposed pianos: Piano Wine Rack

The rustic aesthetic in this piece is amazing!  The perfect repurpose for any wine enthusiasts out there.  


Piano City Art

upcycled and repurposed pianos: Piano Art

Many cities around the United States (including my very own Indianapolis!) have taken old pianos and allowed local artists to decorate them.  Afterwards, they will spread them around the city for people to enjoy, both as a visual and musical art piece – especially for those who have taken my online courses and can sit down and play their favorite tunes for all to enjoy!  


I hope you enjoyed these fun piano creations!  Before you upcycle or repurpose your piano or keyboard, get the most out of it by checking out my online piano lessons at www.pianoinaflash.com and see how quickly my proven method can you get you playing AND enjoying that piano!

Happy playing!
Scott Houston

  • David McNish
    Posted at 01:07h, 02 June Reply

    That is very creative

  • Tyson
    Posted at 02:18h, 07 June Reply

    I like them all except for the garden. Maybe it could have been better but it’s got bricks under it and just doesn’t look the best. You know the legs or base isn’t going to last too many years before it falls to the ground. To me it’s a sad piano. The other uses are pretty cool.

  • Roslyn Hines
    Posted at 13:13h, 12 June Reply

    Wow, these amazing ways to keep your piano reverent is unique.

  • Leslie
    Posted at 11:58h, 02 July Reply

    How cool, and inspiring. I may take the city piano art to our Mayor, as San Angelo has just been declared a Texas Music Frienddly City! Thanks for sharing this most interesting and fun article, Scott.

  • Lynda Moreland
    Posted at 10:52h, 04 July Reply

    wonderful ideas

  • Jill Bowen
    Posted at 11:15h, 06 July Reply

    I love seeing the painted pianos in New Haven, Guilford, and Madison, CT every year! It’s such a great idea! Thanks for sharing the other pianos above in your article.

  • Christine A Anderson
    Posted at 19:56h, 03 August Reply

    Thank you for sharing your pictures!

  • Christine Woodford
    Posted at 11:47h, 14 November Reply

    When I see these creative solutions for repurposed pianos, I am also sensing two souls reacting.
    One says: “How creative and beautiful”, and the other says: ” This is wrong. A musical instrument should not be changed like this!” My purist upbringing tends to listen to the second voice, and my artistic penchant appreciates the first. Thanks for sharing, Christine

  • June
    Posted at 16:27h, 15 November Reply

    I agree with you! The garden doesn’t work for me.

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