I’m the one who emailed you a few months ago telling you that I had fallen in love with my left hand, the hand that heretofore never did “doo-doo” and now plays these wonderful chords without even looking down at the piano, and it’s counterpart, the right hand, is playing notes better than it ever could (despite 3 different attempts during its life of piano lessons.) I am so thankful I just happened to catch you on public TV and bought your instructional materials. If it weren’t for public TV, I wouldn’t be having sooooooooooo much fun! I still can’t believe I am playing like I do. I can’t refrain from playing, I run to the piano every minute I can!

S. Sturm

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. Life has a way of interruptions like raising a family along with all sorts of obligations. I am now seventy-five and able to fulfill this dream. I have been following Scott, “ The Piano Guy” for YEARS and I knew this was the person I wanted to learn from. I just started and I am so much enjoying every moment. Just wanted to say “ Thank You, Scott”. This is another gift our Lord is allowing me to fulfill 🙏 . Thank You!!

Yolanda Martinez

Having a great time with the course. And I love the teaching style. Very friendly and encouraging.

Debbie Bedson

I really enjoy and have learned a lot from your magical program. It is medicine for my soul! I struggle with depression, diabetes, and glaucoma. When I play the piano, the room lights up like a Christmas tree. When I play I feel bright, clever and young again. I see myself as a musician that is feisty, alert and always learning something new. I never thought I could learn how to play the piano, but you made it simple for me. Your piano lessons have touched me and made my life a better and brighter place. You made my life fun again. 

J. Bilbrey
Marion, Indiana

Hi Scott. I just wanted to tell you that I’m taking your lessons and I’m so excited!

I’ve had 13 years of classical training (6 as a child, 7 as an adult) and I can play some difficult pieces (Rachmaninoff and Beethoven are my favorites) but I’ve always felt like I wasn’t really a musician because I couldn’t play without music. I attended a webinar and ordered your course. I’m in course 2 now (just finished Your Cheatin’ Heart) and I’ve already learned so much! I can use the lead sheets to start but then can pretty easily start playing without them. (I’m especially enjoying playing Kansas City). Anyway, your course is exactly what I’ve been looking for and of course I’ll continue through all 6 courses. Thank you so much for developing this method. It is so helpful and so fun!

Jane Stone
Anderson, SC

I am having the time of my life playing the piano. No one ever told me that learning the piano is the same as learning the guitar —one song, one run of chords. Now finally, the piano makes sense to me. The big mystery is gone and this wonderful instrument is something that even I (a person who lived in screaming terror of the piano) can enjoy. I’m having so much fun. Thank you. A big fan,

M. Medawar
Raleigh, North Carolina

First of all, thanks for a revolutionary system. Without it, I would probably have abandoned playing long ago. Now I’m getting pretty good at playing and enjoying it at the same time.

J. J. Laplace

I played a few instruments from 5th grade through college but forgot everything I learned. Forty-plus years later, it is you who inspired me to exercise my brain and fingers in order to experience the piano. I never would have ventured into this if it weren’t for your style of teaching. Thanks for all you do for us beginners.


I’m writing to THANK you. I’ve been a flute player since the age of 10, went to college on a music scholarship, but could never hack music theory or the piano barrier (so I got a PhD in psychology). Went to grad school at North Texas and have tried several times to teach myself bass clef and keyboard. YEAH, RIGHT. Anyway, NOW I GET IT!!! Why didn’t any of my jazz ed friends at NT show me this years ago? When you explained that I wouldn’t need to read the bass clef, I threw my arms ups and went “WOO-HOO!” THANK YOU! 


When I became 6 years old, my parents decided I needed piano lessons. My father was a concert pianist. Naturally, a teacher was selected that trained others in the art of serious piano playing. I knew I would never be a concert piano player. After a very short period of time, I lost all interest in piano playing. If Scott’s Piano In a Flash Method would have been available in the 50’s I would still be playing piano today. Scott’s method is the foundation of most professional piano, organ, and keyboard players. Learning a few chords and how to play them is simply not that difficult. Scott explains basic music theory in such a practical way that students at any level can easily understand and put it to rapid use. Following Scott’s methods will make it possible to play piano or any keyboard (I play electronic organs now!) with ease and the skill of a pro. Yes, of course, it does take some practice. However, so does anything else that is worthwhile and doing it this way is fun! I STRONGLY recommend signing up with Scott Houston if you have even a small desire to play the piano. You will find that his lessons will inspire you to NEVER stop playing and learning. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET DOING THIS!!!

Judd L. Broyer
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I took piano lessons as a child for about two years—the traditional, classic method. I didn’t get very far, although I do know the notes and the key names on the keyboard. About a year ago, I had my piano shipped from my mom’s home to my house, and I started lessons again. I quickly became frustrated because I wanted to be able to play and enjoy myself. I found I was experiencing the same frustrations as I had as a child. I felt like I was getting nowhere and hated to practice. Hence, I stopped practicing and playing. At any rate, I am so glad I found your program. Your humor is awesome, and I feel I can relate to everything you say. Thanks so much!

Carol Gee
Richmond, Virginia

Just want to give you some feedback.  I am LOVING Piano in a Flash because I AM playing the piano! I am 76 years old and never played piano before. I started the end of August 2017 (6 months ago) and am more than 1/2 way through Course 4.  I take Scott’s advice very seriously by don’t take the piano playing too seriously.  I have just passed the “augmented and diminished” chords section, and I just don’t really know WHEN to use those chords. So, I’m using whatever chords feel right to me at the time!  I absolutely LOVE the tunes you’ve selected for the Gig Books. I could go on and on about my enthusiasm.  Scott….the system….the selections…..all wonderful!

Barbara Brock

Thanks a bunch Scott. I can play and read sheet music easily now. I never thought I would be able to play and read sheet music ever. Now I can be more helpful teaching the youth at church to become better singers and ministers.

P. Brewer
Greenville, South Carolina

Years ago I chose “As Time Goes By” from Casablanca as my first song. Now I play over ten without the lead sheets! Scott’s system works; find a way to do it!

Bruce Burke

What a great technique you teach! I really enjoyed the Method and learning that you don’t have to go through years of boring piano lessons just to play your favorite tune. YIPPEEE!!!
I had to laugh out loud when I heard the side note about how you do those run-up and run-down finger exercises on your dog Nick’s head. That was great, “More tongue hang = better technique”……I’m still laughing!

Your teaching has opened me up to the idea that I can sit down at the piano and actually play something that not only sounds good but also sounds like a real song!
Anyone who has played “row row row your boat” knows what I’m talking about, those kiddy tunes just sound dumb.

Mac Rodgers
Denison, Texas

I’ve been enjoying music since high school band but have always admired the ‘old-timers’ who could sit down at the piano and play anything … NOW, because of Piano in a Flash, I’m one of them!! I am SOOOO happy! How cool is this!

S. Heyer, Sr.
Mesa, Arizona

Just wanted to say “Thank You!” I took piano and organ “lessons” when I was younger for about seven years. I lost interest because I really didn’t ENJOY playing. A couple of months ago I purchased your materials, and now I’m finding that I am REALLY enjoying playing again. It’s fun just trying different things!

L. Banks

I’m a classically trained pianist who was tied to sheet music and have been trying desperately to learn to free myself. I happened to be channel surfing and saw your TV show today on improvising and playing the blues. It was fabulous! Within minutes I was able to take the “blues scales” and the three chords and play around freely on the piano. I took notes as you went through the steps with your guest on improvising. I’m so excited I’ll probably be at my piano all night!! It’s great! Thank you!!

I would like to say that I can’t thank you enough for your “system.” I guess I am part of the most desired market share—a middle-aged, upper-middle-class guy. I never played piano in my life and always wanted to. I gave it a couple of tries, but all other programs didn’t work for me. Then I happened to see you on TV. Now my happiest moments are when I go to the piano, put on my headphones, and “play” my keyboard. I wouldn’t let anyone listen to me playing, not yet anyway, but who cares? I am the happiest man! Seriously, I really appreciate what you have done for me and my life. My dreams are coming true—Thank you so much. I am telling everybody I know about you. You are doing something very important for so many people.

V. Gitt

Hi Scott! Wanted you to know I’m having the time of my life! I must spend 3 hours daily playing from gig book despite errors I seem to make continually. Thank you so much! Hated 5 years of lessons as a kid, and haven’t played for 50 years, but yours are delightful fun.

Iris Skoog
Buffalo, NY

I’ve been playing piano my entire life.  I read music and have studied classical music, and I still get a lot out of your program.  I’ve never learned much about theory, so your information is very interesting to me and useful to my piano students.  


My major in university was music. That was a very long time ago. I’ve really gotten away from piano playing because I never learned to play just for fun. I was quite good at playing only classical music but I seem to have missed the fun part. I think your teaching definitely fills a HUGE gap in music instruction.

R. Barclay
Vancouver, BC, Canada

First off, my family is blown away by how well i am playing! I am really glad I came across your product. Great job & Thank you!

B. Gonzalez
Seal Beach, California

I highly recommend this method. I started when I was about 64 and have been having fun playing all my favorite tunes.

Frank Barcelona

I’m a jazz piano major at Purchase College Conservatory of Music, and I just wanted to let you know that your program has been revolutionary to the way I play. It’s amazing that you are able to explain in simple language the “ins and outs”that professional jazz pianists, none other than Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, and Art Tatum have used to achieve their high levels of musical proficiency. A former teacher of mine once said to me, “Less is more,” and I think your programhas helped me to finally understand the meaning of that statement. Your Course has freed and empowered me to express myself musically on a level I had never dreamed I could achieve. I only wish I could thank you in person. Thankyou so much. You truly have changed my life.

D. Payette

I have learned so much from you. I can actually play a few songs now! God bless! Thanks for opening the door to learning to play the piano.

C. Tipps
Huntsville, Alabama

I am 70 years old and started using your methods seven months ago. I am picking up speed now. Please accept my personal “THANK YOU” for your great methods and techniques.  I am not only feeling confident and good about myself but it gave me purpose after I retired. Next, I hope to meet new people that are also interested in playing the piano.

Andy Bemak, Jr.
Hudson, Ohio

Yes—I made it! Thank you again for helping me “overcome” 50 years of trying to play popular music based on techniques for playing classical music. This is like having years of training to fly a jet plane when all you have to learn is how to ride a bicycle. I have just purchased a new baby grand piano for my new home where I hope to enjoy playing and singing with my friends for years to come. You have given me the “correct” training for how to do that!

S. Welch

I am entering my second year of playing the piano with your methods and enjoying every moment of it as a senior well into my seventies …

H. Litsky

I have to put my 2-cents in here. I probably have ADHD or something like this. I’m 65 years old. And I am not connected to Scott in any way. I have bought a bunch of different methods and courses over the years. Somewhere before the end of the first lesson, I’m looking for the pillow. After I started watching Scott’s shows on PBS I was interested. But still bought other courses, and after a while I kept asking myself why didn’t I buy Scott’s. The other instructors give a wooden stiff formal performance. Scott is personally likable, cracks jokes, and is relaxed with the students. So I finally paid for his online course and I am so glad I did. He is encouraging and keeps telling you to have fun. I have learned more, because I can stick with this, than any other method. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough! His customer service is superb. If you are considering Scott’s course, you won’t be sorry! This is great!

John Palek

By the way, I have been taking lessons on line for a month or so using Piano Maestro and I  learned more from your free lesson in an hour then 4 weeks of lessons with the other course. I am relearning the music notes from the other course but I can actually play one simple song with you guys in one lesson. GREAT JOB!!

Ralph H.

Go Scott!  Thank you for your programming.  My wife and I love your teaching methods and NOW spend hours at our piano that once stood alone!

T. DeBacker

I can’t believe it! For over 20 years, I’ve been “working” the piano—I can’t say “playing” the piano. It has always been a struggle because I was never a good note reader. I have always envied those people who could just sit down and play through music effortlessly. Now, for the very first time, in just two hours I was able to sit down and play through a piece of music that I would never have even dreamed of being able to play before now. I can’t thank you enough.

M. Shimandle

After being diagnosed with MS, music helped bring the usage of my hand back. Music over the years has helped my brain get a workout. That is why I signed up for your lessons, Scott. I play better now, after MS, with more passion and joy than I ever did before. It’s because I thought back then I would never be able to play again.

Marsha B.
Renton, WA

I am hooked on piano thanks to you. Thank you so much for simplifying piano technique, which has always been overwhelming for me.

M. Misner
Champaign, Illinois

We love this guy! He makes learning how to play the piano so simple and fun!

Mary Jane Clason

No! Thank YOU! I play guitar and a little keyboard, but I always wanted to play using both hands. Long story short, I bought a really expensive DVD piano teaching system and when I got to the left hand I was like WHAT??? I found your system, bought your book and within a day, I was playing like I always wanted to. At one point after I played a song, I sat there looking at the piano and actually cried. So, Thank you so much. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Debbie Martin

I retired from my job in Nov. 2017. I’m 63. The seniors where I worked came alive with music. We had one program called Music & Memory. Often someone who was non-verbal would talk when they were given a headset with their playlist of favorite songs. Music is the universal language; unlocking memories long locked away in one’s soul. I’ve always enjoyed beautiful piano music. I can play by ear the melody of a song. On my “bucket list” upon retirement was to learn to play the piano. My husband and I have his Mother’s piano. She bought this piano in 1954 and I was born in 1954 so looks like we should make “beautiful music” together. Thanks to Scott, I’m learning the chords now and enjoying how each song sounds complete with the harmony. It’s never too late to accomplish your dreams!


I have learned so much from you. I can actually play a few songs now! God bless! Thanks for opening the door to learning to play the piano.

C. Tipps
Huntsville, Alabama

Scott, I struggled for years to make the transition from reading music to improvising and your technique and demeanor and explanations surpass any others out there trying to teach us “readers” not to read but to enjoy the music! Thanks a million!

Karron Lee

Scott is that one in a million teacher. A great teacher and a great communicator. If you’re serious you WILL learn to play.

Bill Mcconnell

I ordered Courses 1 and 2 and I have been working with it for a few days. Loving it! Having Scott explain and demonstrate everything in the videos is like having him with you helping every step of the way!

Jim Redner

I am really enjoying playing the piano! At Christmas, I could play all the songs in the starter book that I had. Now I have moved on to oldies, 60’s and 70’s music. I can even play Misty! I play 5 times a week for an hour or more and really enjoy it. I shared your technique with my 87-year-old Aunt. She likes it too. Thanks for coming into my life. 

L. R. Fedorchak
Kalamazoo, Michigan

After just one year, you have given me a whole new world of entertainment and enjoyment that years of piano lessons as a child never gave me. Thank you so very much.

T. E. Smith

I’m a classic example of your teaching.

Took lessons about 15 years ago and could not play anything after 1 1/2

years then quit in frustration. After seeing you on PBS I got into your Courses and within a few weeks was

actually practicing something that sounded like music.


In the interim one of my daughters became engaged and came to me and stated

there was only two things that she wanted for her wedding. One was a church

wedding and the other was for her Dad to play the piano at the ceremony.

On November 11 of this year I had my solo performance of “What a Wonderful

World” in front of over 100 people. 


My Daughter and Wife and her sisters and other people were actually crying during the

performance. I was very nervous and didn’t feel I played it that well but

someone videoed the wedding and I saw the video yesterday and it was pretty great

for a rookie! The pastor actually started an applause on completion of my song.

So thanks to you I am completing a dream of learning how to play the piano.

For years every time I walked by a piano I thought “Damn, I would like to be

able to play that thing.”


Now I can.


I love everything you do! You present every bit of information in a fun, easy to understand format that helps the novice as well as the master. Keep up the great work. I love seeing all your latest projects. Thanks for everything!

J. Simon

You really have changed my life! Seriously, your instruction has validated my many years of tune picking. I have had very little music training since my clarinet playing days in school, but have always wanted to play the piano, and you have made it possible for me. Thanks!

C. J. Burkes
Canton, Ohio

Scott, I know you guys put a lot of work in this piano course and it wouldn’t be fair to you if I didn’t say this ….. This morning before work I was getting in my practice with chord inversion and thought just for the heck of it I would look at another song I haven’t seen yet… 

OMG, after about 3 minutes I was making sense out of “ Lady Love”… so much fun to see yourself progress. I have spent more money on a vacation and didn’t have nearly as much fun, needless to say, nothing to show for it afterward. 

THANK YOU and your crew !!!!


I’m using your method and having the most fun possible playing from lead sheets—something I didn’t ever think I could accomplish. I have my favorite songs, which I can improvise and sound good playing. I usually pick one or two new tunes a week and they end up sounding pretty good! I had taken a few traditional lessons previous to your program, and after months all I learned to play was “The Entertainer,” “Fur Elise” and “The Swan.” With your method, I have learned a whole bunch of popular tunes and have fun not just learning them, but playing them! Keep up the good work. I am a great fan of yours. Thanks again for being there.

H. Dlugatch

You have a great product! I started playing the piano after seeing one of your PBS programs. Having just turned 57 but having wanting to play for years—I discovered the hardest part of your program was getting off my butt and getting started. I have so much fun learning new songs that I can’t wait to sit down at my keyboard at night. Thanks again. I’m having a ball!

D. Burgoni
Indianapolis, Indiana

Like a lot of people, I studied piano for about three or four years when I was a kid. I could read enough to struggle through the easier sheet music. My interest is primarily vocal, so I took up the guitar in college to accompany myself and played with a group or two with no formal lessons though only— playing only by ear.  After ordering your materials I can now play songs, and although I still need to expand technique, it’s been the most fun I’ve had in ages.  I now own about six fake books and love to sit and play through them.  Please keep up the excellent work!

K. Morse

​​I bought some of Scott’s material for my daughter 6 years ago when she was 8yrs old. She is 14 now and is an amazing pianist who works only by ear! We couldn’t be happier!

Lisa M.

I received my books for the course yesterday! I just want to say they are awesome!! I am so tickled to be taking your courses! This guy is great! His piano courses are more than worth it! I am so glad I ran across Scott on Facebook. Thank you for being here Scott! OH, and no, I was not paid to leave this comment. LoL, I saw a couple of Scott’s webinars and decided to sign up for his lessons. I don’t regret it a bit! ‬‬‬

Anita Ryals

I have the complete course and I LOVE IT!!! The best decision I have ever made!! THANK YOU!!!

Phil Rogers

I am a 70-year-old retiree whose retirement project is to achieve my lifelong goal of playing the piano. I have taken 5 years of lessons since I retired. Then, a friend showed me your lessons. I have to tell you I was skeptical. Skeptical no more! Your system is amazing … and it works! Thanks for turning me into a piano player.

Bill Wilson

Your program is genius. It’s easy… and it works! Playing the piano is so much more enjoyable now that I really know what I’m doing. I can play just about every song in your starter gig book (quite fluidly, I might add) and I’m site reading like a champ. I could never do that before! I can basically open to any tune and just play. So cool!

Each of your online lessons and exercises is short and sweet and just challenging enough for me to stay interested, but not get overwhelmed. At first, I couldn’t even play a broken chord with my left while maintaining a recognizable melody with my right, but now I can change many songs in that way without missing a beat (Edelweiss and Beautiful Dreamer are my favorites to switch). You have such a kind-spirited and upbeat personality too that it makes the lessons even more enjoyable.

I could seriously go on and on (and I haven’t even gotten through Lesson book 3!), but instead, I will just say: thank you, thank you for this gift of music, Scott. Learning to play the piano is one of my best accomplishments of this past year!


I hadn’t sat down at the piano for three years since I gave up the drudgery of lessons. After Grandma’s piano came to my house to live, I wanted to take lessons from a “real” piano teacher. I became very discouraged when I was not playing music after several years of working in beginning books. With your techniques, on the other hand, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to sit down and PLAY! I have been playing for at least an hour each day since. I am having so much fun playing REAL SONGS! The best part—I’m playing the songs as I hear them in my head. You gave me the freedom to count as I want. Each time I play the song, I play it differently than the time before—like a musician! No more guilt about all the money spent on lessons and the wasted hours spent practicing an abandoned piano. I can’t wait to get home from work and relax by PLAYING songs I love to hear. Thank you for putting music in my life.

Marilyn C.
Chillicothe, Ohio

This is unbelievably easy. I just need a little more fingering work and to learn a few more chords. Thanks again. I have impressed quite a few people. You have made one of my dreams come true—creating my own music that will last for my lifetime.


I first watched you on television demonstrating your teaching method. I had taken classic piano lessons three different times many years ago. I do read music and play several instruments, but the piano was quite a challenge given the practice, repetition, and time it took to proficiently play the simplest arrangement. Your beginner’s course changed all that for me. It’s hard to describe how happy I’ve been since taking your lessons and really enjoying playing songs I never dreamed possible. Thanks to you, I now have a collection of Fake Books, which provide me with hours of playing pleasure. I have recommended your course to several friends who, like me, read music and love the piano, but just didn’t have the time or patience required for classical lessons. Thank you again for helping me accomplish one of my lifetime goals. I am “happy playing”!! 😊🎹

Bonnie Robinson

I already have your online Piano in a Flash and I am loving it! For the very first time EVER, I played some tunes during Thanksgiving in front of people (I love the hymns!) and have a good start on learning Christmas Carols. I left my Gig Book #1 in Oregon but my friend is hopefully sending it to me! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to learn in such an easy and fun way! I love my practice time!

Sandy T.

I have enjoyed the Piano in a Flash class. It is wonderful & inspiring. I’ve been playing a lot and believe I’m getting better all the time—slowly, but surely. It’s great fun! Thanks again!

Julie B.
Elgin, Illinois

I want to let you know that I have been playing the piano for 50 years and your techniques and Courses are a real inspiration for me. Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I race to the piano to try your techniques. Thank you SO MUCH for bringing a new dimension to my playing, even after all these years. You are more than a fantastic musician—you are a marvelous teacher and an ambassador for the musical life.


Five or so years ago, I caught your pitch on PBS. I thought, hmm, I quit piano in the 5th grade, wonder if I could pick it up again…I have to say that it has brought new meaning to my life, thanks. Did I mention that I’m 77, now have two pianos, a travel Yamaha and a Yamaha P-105, and I’m playing at least a couple of hours a day?

Dale C Jones

I can not say enough how much I love this course. Other courses are so dry and boring, Scott is humorous and presents the material in a lively way that it’s entertaining as well as educational…Thank you, Scott!

John Palek

Awesome program! I am playing songs already after just 1 week!

Terri K.
Indpls, Indiana

I started with your method about two years ago. My, I have come a long way!  I have over 20 songs in my repertoire now. It is such a joy to sit down and play something really well! My friends are very impressed. This has been a fabulous journey of discovery. I went from a $129 electronic keyboard to a beautiful Yamaha upright this March, with big, bold, warm tones! I’m lovin’ it. Thank you so much for facilitating this breakthrough in my life. Simply put, were it not for having seen you on TV and buying your method, I would never have learned how to play the piano. You RULE!

S. Denlinger
Washington, D.C.

I love it. You are great. I like it that when life gets busy or sad, you can take a break and pick it all up again. Love the piano guy.

Jan Bergesen

This is truly one of the world’s great bargains!!

Brian S.
Buffalo, New York

An entirely new world of music opened to me. By learning a few chords and simple techniques, I am off and playing. It has added immensely to the quality of my life. What better way to kill time waiting on my wife than to sit down and play the piano rather than pacing and grumbling! A great day includes at least 40 or more minutes at the piano. My life has been positively changed forever. Thanks, Scott!

G. Grinch
Grove City, Ohio

This is the GREATEST course I’ve ever seen. It simplifies so much. It just all makes sense now. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!

S. Martin

I’ve wanted to play piano ever since I was a kid (I’m 66 now)! There is no way I could ever adequately explain just how delighted I am with your method of piano playing. I’m having so much fun. Thank you so very much for giving me the tools to realize a dream I had almost given up on!

C. Smith

First, your teaching style is nothing less than amazing. The way you explain, so clearly and take your time, really helps people “get it” into their heads. When you talk about breaking through the wall, that really resonated with me. I also liken it to forcing muscle memory as well. Learn something slowly, repeat, repeat, repeat and literally, the muscles learn to just do it automatically. After doing exactly what you are teaching here, note-by-note, slowly, repetition, it really was like breaking through a wall. It went from… can’t do it at all… to … that was close… to OMG! After a while, the muscle memory takes over and the hands just do what they were forced into doing, automatically. Thanks 🙂


What a wonderful job you have done with this Course. I can’t believe I am starting to “make music.” Lesson after lesson after lesson I get an “aha” moment. Even though I don’t always practice enough to get things mastered before our next lesson, I continue to be amazed at how things from weeks and months before “sneak” into my current playing. Thank you!


The Piano in a Flash lessons are for real and I can recommend for anyone wanting to learn how to play from a fake book/play for fun – you will have to put the time in of course – I think I may fall in another group of those who lose some steam and just stop with the lessons and practice – you have motivated me to dust off my piano and get back to the course and playing again!  Thanks for putting the course together!

Wayne Denton

I started your Course early last week. Today is Monday and I already can play 6

I took piano lessons years ago. My two girls play but
I could never get past the level 2 books with any
success. I play the guitar and the banjo so I’m not
completely lost in the musical arena but … I
just couldn’t get past the note reading.

Your lessons are wonderful!!! Hopefully, I will
be able to master some of your techniques.

Scott, I am 1/4 of a two job, two kid working
family… If I can do then ANYBODY can!

Thanks for sharing the joy of music with the rest of

Laura Branten

Thank you so much for your Course! I am amazed at the difference in my playing. I learned to “read” music as a child (am in my 50’s now) loved the piano but never really enjoyed it. I always was concentrating on notes, and so I was never able to play from my heart. Now I feel that I can start to express myself in music. It’s been truly liberating.


Thank you so much for your wonderful program. I am thrilled that I can actually wrap my head around something that has challenged me for years. Much appreciated.

J. Grant

All I can say, is all those testimonies listed are true! You really can learn to play tunes quickly that actually sound good too!

Sue R.
Miami, Florida

Your program is the best one out there for learning quickly. You make it simple, practical and easy to learn piano. Not only that, but you’re very patient in your delivery of explanations, which is perfect for me.

Orlando, Florida

Scott, I am currently taking your online classes now and I am in Book 5. You do a fantastic job teaching each lesson. I love having the ability to stay at home and take the lessons on my own schedule. I also like being able to go back the previous lessons to review and reinforce all that I have learned. I highly recommend this online opportunity to everyone. It is worth every penny and more. Thank you for helping me learn to play the piano. It has brought a lot of pleasure to my life.

Sharon Hubbard Graessle

I love this way of learning to play… I am 66 and always wanted to learn… with this technique you really will start playing immediately! I have been playing for a year now and have learned so much more than I ever thought I could.

Janice Walker

A million thanks—you introduced me to piano, and I haven’t looked back. 4 years later, and I’m still going strong. I’ve gone from not knowing the keys or note names to playing full-tilt boogie and blues. I still can’t believe how lucky I was to see your KCET show and then to buy your instructional materials. I’ll be forever grateful.

K. Mahon
Redondo Beach, California

Scott, I bought your full course and I love it!!! I must admit, I was nervous at first, but I got over that just watching the very first lesson. Man, you’re super cool and one of my hero’s!! Thank you !!!