In today's video blog post, I will be covering some common music theory and teaching you about playing slash chords on the piano. Slash chords are a pretty easy concept and take no time at all to learn!
Sound too good to be true? It's not!  Hey there - Scott Houston here.  One of my three "Secrets" to teaching adults of any age how to learn AND enjoy playing the piano is that you only need a couple of chords to play dozens and dozens of songs that you know and enjoy.  Learning songs you like helps to keep you energized and makes the learning process enjoyable instead of a chore.  Over the years, many of the most popular songs we hear on the radio actually use this secret to create their chart topping hits.
Hello! Today, I am focusing on improvisation by utilizing a often used chord progression that can provide a "pain-free" way to noodle around without any wrong notes.
Here is a simple but effective chord jumping practice exercise you can before you sit down to play/practice your tunes.  Below, you'll find an easy to follow transcript of the above video.  I hope it helps!
Hey guys!  Here is a fun little piece I thought I'd throw out to to keep things light and fun. I know that us studious, loving piano players/learners - especially those working through the Piano In A Flash online piano lessons - like to use their pianos in the way the craftsmen intended for them to be used, however, some clever people out there have found some pretty fun ways to give old pianos new life.  I can’t get over their creativity!  Check out these 7 incredible upcycled and repurposed pianos!
Hey everyone!  As I mentioned in my YouTube Live video last week, one of my resolutions for 2018 is push out more content for you guys - full song lessons, tips and tricks, fun facts, motivations, and more.  Well, my mom taught me to always be a man of my word, so here you go!  Click the video below to learn Get Your Mindset Right To Learn Piano. I hope you enjoy!



You know what? I’ve been really stewing and pondering the last few months comparing students in my online method who really shine and are making great progress against students who are struggling more and moving a lot more slowly.  I’ve identified something that has bubbled to the surface that really seems to separate some students versus others.. I’ll share it with you in this quick video ...