Question about Boogie-Woogie in the Course

I just got a question from a beginning student about Boogie Woogie. After I answered it I thought it was probably a good thing to share as it explains (VERY briefly) some stuff I get asked about regularly…

Hi Scott,
I am a new student and am a lover of Boogie Woogie on piano. Is there a source of this kind of music, i.e., lead sheets I guess. Also, is it possible you cover it in a later course?

Thanks, John

Hi John,

Got your question about Boogie Woogie in the Courses. I love BW too! (but it’s probably some of the toughest stuff to play from a physical standpoint, so get ready to roll up your sleeves if you’re going to focus in that direction!)


  • Peter Faso Jr
    Posted at 19:36h, 25 November Reply

    Hey Scott, I am a huge BW fan too! I love the blues piano and jazz as well, but BW is where it is at! Cant you and that friend of yours Bradley Sowash or someone develop a lesson or a few lessons doing BW Just simple stuff!?
    I have looked on YouTube and I searched BW piano and up popped a buy by the name of Johan Blohm, and also you need to see another post look for “The Booginator Tulsa Oklahoma 2011” it is two guys playing a cool duet that is unbelievable!!! You’be got to see it! Mr. Boogie Woogie the booginator Tulsa Oklahoma 2011 Let me know what you think? it blew my mind! Pete

  • Peter Faso Jr
    Posted at 19:40h, 25 November Reply

    Scott Here is what I was telling you about! The booginator!!! It is two guys playing two keyboards comping each other! they are playing the song “Swanee River” like (Al Jolson) used to sing, but they don’t they only play it the best I have ever seen! Watch it!!! Here is the link!

  • Peter Faso Jr
    Posted at 15:02h, 13 July Reply

    Anyone who can successfully play Boogie Woogie, regardless of the effort required, my hat is off to them! It is worth the effort and time! it is tough to play but worth it! “No great achievement in life comes easily! Most have a cost and the more difficult something is, the more satisfaction and enjoyment you get from it when you get it”!

    • Hannah Derleth
      Posted at 17:29h, 10 August Reply

      We’re happy to hear you’re challenging yourself, Peter! Nice job!

      – Hannah

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