A little extra help with "Joy to the World"

I hope you’ve taken the opportunity to sit down at a piano or keyboard along with your laptop or iPad to get started with the Free Introductory Course.  It’s a great way for you to experience how I teach in the online program and to actually have some fun proving to yourself that you can play in this style by working on “Joy to the World,” the song I used in this free course.

One of the benefits of having taught thousands of students over the years is if someone is having any issues, I’m pretty good at quickly sensing what most likely is causing the problem. If your having trouble, hopefully I can help you out in this video.

If you are having any issues, feel free to use the “Feedback & Support” tab in the upper right hand of the lesson environment to let me know. We’ll get you straightened out in no time. In the actual courses, that personalized feedback is one of the things that really separates my online piano method from others and contributes to the crazy success we see students having.