I’m a classic example of your teaching.

Took lessons about 15 years ago and could not play anything after 1 1/2

years then quit in frustration. After seeing you on PBS I got into your Courses and within a few weeks was

actually practicing something that sounded like music.


In the interim one of my daughters became engaged and came to me and stated

there was only two things that she wanted for her wedding. One was a church

wedding and the other was for her Dad to play the piano at the ceremony.

On November 11 of this year I had my solo performance of “What a Wonderful

World” in front of over 100 people. 


My Daughter and Wife and her sisters and other people were actually crying during the

performance. I was very nervous and didn’t feel I played it that well but

someone videoed the wedding and I saw the video yesterday and it was pretty great

for a rookie! The pastor actually started an applause on completion of my song.

So thanks to you I am completing a dream of learning how to play the piano.

For years every time I walked by a piano I thought “Damn, I would like to be

able to play that thing.”


Now I can.

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