When I became 6 years old, my parents decided I needed piano lessons. My father was a concert pianist. Naturally, a teacher was selected that trained others in the art of serious piano playing. I knew I would never be a concert piano player. After a very short period of time, I lost all interest in piano playing. If Scott’s Piano In a Flash Method would have been available in the 50’s I would still be playing piano today. Scott’s method is the foundation of most professional piano, organ, and keyboard players. Learning a few chords and how to play them is simply not that difficult. Scott explains basic music theory in such a practical way that students at any level can easily understand and put it to rapid use. Following Scott’s methods will make it possible to play piano or any keyboard (I play electronic organs now!) with ease and the skill of a pro. Yes, of course, it does take some practice. However, so does anything else that is worthwhile and doing it this way is fun! I STRONGLY recommend signing up with Scott Houston if you have even a small desire to play the piano. You will find that his lessons will inspire you to NEVER stop playing and learning. YOU WILL NEVER REGRET DOING THIS!!!

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