Your program is genius. It’s easy… and it works! Playing the piano is so much more enjoyable now that I really know what I’m doing. I can play just about every song in your starter gig book (quite fluidly, I might add) and I’m site reading like a champ. I could never do that before! I can basically open to any tune and just play. So cool!

Each of your online lessons and exercises is short and sweet and just challenging enough for me to stay interested, but not get overwhelmed. At first, I couldn’t even play a broken chord with my left while maintaining a recognizable melody with my right, but now I can change many songs in that way without missing a beat (Edelweiss and Beautiful Dreamer are my favorites to switch). You have such a kind-spirited and upbeat personality too that it makes the lessons even more enjoyable.

I could seriously go on and on (and I haven’t even gotten through Lesson book 3!), but instead, I will just say: thank you, thank you for this gift of music, Scott. Learning to play the piano is one of my best accomplishments of this past year!

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