I have to put my 2-cents in here. I probably have ADHD or something like this. I’m 65 years old. And I am not connected to Scott in any way. I have bought a bunch of different methods and courses over the years. Somewhere before the end of the first lesson, I’m looking for the pillow. After I started watching Scott’s shows on PBS I was interested. But still bought other courses, and after a while I kept asking myself why didn’t I buy Scott’s. The other instructors give a wooden stiff formal performance. Scott is personally likable, cracks jokes, and is relaxed with the students. So I finally paid for his online course and I am so glad I did. He is encouraging and keeps telling you to have fun. I have learned more, because I can stick with this, than any other method. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough! His customer service is superb. If you are considering Scott’s course, you won’t be sorry! This is great!

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