I hadn’t sat down at the piano for three years since I gave up the drudgery of lessons. After Grandma’s piano came to my house to live, I wanted to take lessons from a “real” piano teacher. I became very discouraged when I was not playing music after several years of working in beginning books. With your techniques, on the other hand, I was so excited I couldn’t wait to sit down and PLAY! I have been playing for at least an hour each day since. I am having so much fun playing REAL SONGS! The best part—I’m playing the songs as I hear them in my head. You gave me the freedom to count as I want. Each time I play the song, I play it differently than the time before—like a musician! No more guilt about all the money spent on lessons and the wasted hours spent practicing an abandoned piano. I can’t wait to get home from work and relax by PLAYING songs I love to hear. Thank you for putting music in my life.

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