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If you know the alphabet A-G, then you can learn to play piano

Wish you could have fun on the piano without complicated sheet music tying you down? Let our online lessons show you the way. Taught by adult piano tutor Scott "The Piano Guy" Houston—we focus on playing music, not reading it—so you can learn in less time and have fun doing it.
Learn to play your first song in 45 minutes
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Piano lessons for adults who want to play music, not read it

For years we've been taught that we must understand complicated musical notation to play piano. But why should you have to read music like Beethoven to play The Beatles? With Piano in a Flash, you don't have to. Our online piano lessons simplify modern songs into easy-to-understand steps through fun video lessons and straightforward sheet music with letters—so you can learn to play what you love quickly and have fun doing it.

The only one-and-done method for learning piano as an adult

Taught by 6x Emmy-winning instructor, Piano in a Flash was built with one goal: to teach adults how to recognize, combine, and improvise the chords and melodies that make up thousands of modern songs from any genre. With 6 do-at-your-own-pace piano courses, an easy online platform, hard materials shipped right to your door, and a friendly support team every step of the way— it’s no wonder we're the best choice for adult learners of all experience levels.

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The online lessons over 50,000 adults use to play piano

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Susanne S."I took classical piano for many years and always hoped to switch to a more jazzy or popular style. You have provided me with the tips and tools to allow the switch and I'm loving it. I would heartily recommend your lessons to anyone who wants to learn to play in a more lighthearted and loose style!"
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Tina L."I've been using this program for four days now. I can play about 10 songs in Gig Book 1 so far! My husband is amazed. We are worship leaders, so I'm hoping to someday be confident enough to play in church."
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Dan S."I bought Scott’s piano course and was playing songs in an hour. Did it sound like Chopin? No. But it sounded pretty good and I could sing along. I like that he gets you going on chords and rhythm right away!"

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