Arthritis and piano: how it can be good for you

Since I’ve seen this concern pop up now and again, I thought it would be best to address the issue through a quick blog post.

As we age, arthritis becomes a real concern. According to the Center for Disease Control, almost 50% of adults over the age of 65 have arthritis. Among other options, yoga and massage have been offered as “pain relievers,” but… have you ever thought of playing piano to ease the pain?

Playing the piano will strengthen the joints and muscles in your hands. The dexterity involved in playing music on the piano keeps your hand muscles developed and avoids the weakening of small bones.

It is recommended to play gentle and simple songs if you are trying to relieve the pain, but regular movements achieved by playing the piano is a good way to keep your fingers active. As long as you’re not training to become a concert pianist and playing for hours upon hours each day, piano is a GREAT option to exercise your hand muscles and joints!

I’ve also had a couple of students say that their focus on playing the songs was a distraction from some of the pain. Studies show that music does have an effect on pain, as it provides distraction and relaxation .

Has your time at the piano helped with your arthritis? Send us a comment below!

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