Blues Turnaround Chord Progression

Hey, I had someone ask me the other day about how I was playing a turnaround chord progression at the end of a blues song I was playing. It is a way to finish up the end of the blues and go back up to the top.

There are just 5 chords, and it is pretty simple. We are in the last 4 measures in the blues. It is often called the turnaround. When playing in the key of C, It is where you start the section in G. (Scott plays and demonstrates.) The chords are C, C7/E, F, F#DIM7, C/G, GAUG (7)

I will show them in root position. (Scott demonstrates.)

Then I will show them inverted.

Now, in my right hand I will play those same chords inverted. They are the same notes, and I am playing octaves in my left hand. That’s the bass line that you want to hear. When you put it together, it sounds like this. (Scott demonstrates.) Then you go back to the top of the changes. So, the whole turnaround starting on the G section would be something like this. Now here come those changes. Back to the top. So, there you have it. A great turnaround: C, C7/E, F, F#DIM7, C/G, GAUG (7) Then head back to the top.

Have fun! There’s another great turnaround chord progression to add to the pile. See you next time.

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