A Great Professional Blues Ending for Piano Players—Piano How to

This a great professional Blues ending to use with any blues or boogie-woogie tunes. Here is what it sounds like. I am going to play it in the key of C. I’m sure you have heard it a million times. You are going to play that on the last chord of the tune. If you are playing in the key of C that would be a C chord. You start out playing a C two octaves apart like this.

Here’s the left hand part. While holding down the C, you will walk down starting on a Bb. Pretty simple. Finger it any way you want. Use whatever is most comfortable.

Here’s the Right Hand part: Starting by holding the C down with your pinky you will play this: G, C, F#, F, E.

To give it a little spice, using a slide up to the first G from the D# to the E. Like this …

Then you can put it together, and it will sound like this … Really nice, good, open voicing. One more ending you can add to your stack.

Have fun everybody!

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