Q & A with Lynette G.

For this blog post, we interviewed a long-time student of mine, Lynette! Lynette has lived in Indiana (USA) for years, and is pretty new to Piano in a Flash. Keep an eye out for more Q & A blog posts like this one: I enjoy hearing from students, and I want you to be able to read about their story with Piano in a Flash too!

Q: When did you first learn about Scott and Piano in a Flash?

A: I first learned about the program maybe six months ago. I was looking online and happened to see Piano in a Flash— I’ve always dreamed of playing by ear, and it looked like this course could help me do that. When I saw Scott’s post, I decided to try it. I did the free lesson, and then I took the jump and signed up. I’m almost through Book Four now.

Q: Did you have any prior musical training?

A: I was taking classical piano lessons for about twenty years. I started when I was in second grade, and into high school and college. I had a scary teacher or two that really taught me how to be great… at reading sheet music. Eventually it came to the point where I had to choose whether or not piano would become my livelihood, or if I wanted to pursue another career. I never learned how to just listen and play to enjoy the music. Scott wants his students to really listen to the music, rather than just understand the chords.

Q: How was learning piano with Scott’s method, versus learning other instruments?

A: It’s such a different world. My piano teacher, growing up, would come to my house, give me a lesson, I’d practice my assignments for a week and then he would come back, and the process would continue. With Scott’s lessons, I can pace myself and go back as I need to for refreshers or deeper understanding. I like the flexibility this program offers.

Q: Has playing piano helped you in other areas of life?

A: It’s my escape. With all the crazy things happening in the world, it’s nice to have a chance to do something to relax and just play. I miss that when I’m not with my piano. Instead of knowing I have a future lesson to prepare for, I get to play for myself.

Q: Has playing piano broadened your musical skills?

A: It makes me more aware when I listen to songs. I’m more aware of the chords, the keys, the rhythms… it has really enriched that part of my life.

Q: Do you play anything else?

A: I have a dulcimer, and I play a little guitar. I really enjoy the dulcimer, there’s resources online to teach you how to play. My big dream is to learn how to play the harp, but for now, I’m going to keep at the piano.

THANK YOU Lynette for sharing your story with us! I really enjoyed hearing how you came to find Piano in a Flash and how quickly you’ve progressed in the last several months!

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