My method will get you “piano unconstipated”!

Just a quick note concerning a lot of people who don’t play at all sharing with me that they have such a dream to be able to sit down and have some fun playing the piano, yet it seems SO insurmountable a task to take on.

A different, yet similar, version of that comment comes from folks who do in fact play piano at some level, but have strictly played using a traditional classical approach requiring them to play only what they can read from the printed sheet.

In both cases the path from where they are now to where they imagine the ability to play either from a lead sheet, or from no sheet music at all, seems not long, but totally non-existent! To have the creative ability to kind of create an arrangement of some song on the fly and “from within” just seems like a total mental block.

It’s pretty much what I consider “creative constipation.”

Well the clear answer to creative constipation in about any endeavor be it writing, product ideation, song writing, or in our case piano playing is to simply take a bite and start chewing. It’s such a tired expression but the well worn adage “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time …” is a classic for a reason – it’s 100% true.

You don’t sit down and write a book. You write a few pages, which eventually turn into chapters, which eventually turn into a book.

Apple didn’t just spit out the first iPhone all at once. They got started testing a bunch of case designs, then they tested a few operating systems, then they did user testing and went back and revised, etc. You get the picture …

So in our case of learning non-classical style creative piano, the question becomes what will get you to dig in and not only take that first bite of the elephant, but make that bite taste good enough that you want to keep coming back for more and more until you get your elephant eaten. That’s the key.

You need the one-two punch of not only having the structure and system in place to lead you down the path to each small bite-size chunk of material you need to digest, BUT ALSO the awareness and experience to realize that, as an adult learner you will not be likely to just grind and keep eating each bite unless it tastes good enough (i.e. is fun to play) to want you to keep on eating.

Well that seems to be our “secret sauce” to relieving “creative constipation” in the Piano In A Flash Online Method.

I was free when designing the Method to carefully parse out everything I needed to teach so that it made sense from a “small bite at a time” standpoint as opposed to some set amount of time to teach (like a half-hour, or hour, weekly lesson in a traditional setting). It truly seems to have made all the difference in the world from the success we are seeing in our core adult student enrollments.

I think I’ll suggest this for our new marketing headline … “Use the Piano In a Flash Online Method and Get Piano Unconstipated. Guaranteed!”

Tee, hee, hee … 🙂


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