Piano In a Flash Featured In Jazz Times

Piano In A Flash is honored to be featured recently in Jazz Times—an iconic American magazine that’s been dedicated to covering all things jazz music for over 50 years!

The article, Chops: Teaching Adults to Play Jazz, addresses the innovative approaches that Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston and bassist Gerald Veasley respectively employ to get their students in the mix and actually playing.

Both Houston’s Piano in a Flash and Veasley’s Bass Boot Camp are programs that are rooted in overcoming fears to facilitate improvisation and really engage adults as they embark on learning an instrument. Originally aimed toward young people and early professionals, Veasley pivoted to focus on an older demographic—those students who had the time, the means, and the passion to embrace learning the bass.

Houston’s student profile is extremely similar, which he describes as older adults looking for self-enrichment through a non-classical method of learning and playing piano.

Unlike Piano in a Flash, whose e-learning business model was established before COVID-19 took the world completely virtual, Veasley’s annual Bass Boot Camp is traditionally held live in Philadelphia to bring together noted musicians and new enthusiasts alike. While the pandemic has certainly posed challenges for the event, Veasley has adjusted—learning to maintain his hands-on appeal with virtual programs, and even expanding its reach.

To learn more about Scott and Gerald’s teaching methods and music chops, read the full Jazz Times article here.

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