Do we still shame bad musicians?

So back in the day, bad musicians were publicly shamed using a medieval torture device called the “Shame Flute.”

The contraption, which is essentially a heavy iron flute – although you probably wouldn’t want to play it – was shackled to the musician’s neck. The musician’s fingers were then clamped to the keys, to give the impression they were playing the instrument.

Finally, just to further their humiliation, they were forced to wear the flute while being paraded around town, so the public could throw rotten food and vegetables at them, which just feels kinda harsh, right?

Did you know one of the reasons people say they don’t try playing the piano is experiencing potential embarrassment in front of their teacher or just other people as they learn? Now, we’re not talking Flute of Shame level of discomfort here, but to some people, it can sure feel like it.

6X Emmy Winner Scott “The Piano Guy” Houston accepts you as you are and gives you the skills you need to play the songs you love. No judgment, no shame — just fun. What a great time to be living! Come on, the kids are grown, career is finished and it’s YOUR time now. It’s YOUR turn to play!

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