What Key Is A Singer In?

In a recent video, I covered how to figure out what key would be the right one to sing a tune in. You can find that video at the link below:

In the video above, I take the inverse and say, what if a singer comes up to you and starts singing a tune in some key, and as a piano player, they want you to start playing along with them?Any song is going to have some distance between its high to low notes. If a singer were to come up to you and want you to play along while they sing, you’ve got to figure out what tune they are singing in. When they start singing, just stick with them and get all the way to the end of the tune. If you can figure out what the very last note is that they are singing, that is more than likely the key of the tune. In the video, I give the example of the Star Spangled Banner in the key of C and Jingle Bells in the key of E.

So, about 99% of the time, whatever the last note of the song you are playing is, that will be the key of the tune. And about 60%-70% of the time, it is also the first note of the tune.

Happy singing and playing!
-Scott Houston

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